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  • Organika Aerobic Oxygenator

    Organika Aerobic Oxygenator

    Organika®'s Aerobic Oxygenator, available as stabilized oxygen molecules in an aqueous solution, may be helpful in supplying energy to our cells. It is also known to be effective in killing harmful anaerobic bacteria and organisms. It is widely used by travelers and vacationers for water stabilization and as an antiseptic.


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  • UMAC-CORE Concentrated Phytoplankton

    UMAC-CORE Concentrated Phytoplankton

    Our cells require essential nutrients in order to communicate & guard against diseases and toxins. Modern diets have become increasingly processed & sparse in these essential nutrients causing an increase in chronic illness. Harvested naturally from the ocean, Alpha-3 Concentrated Marine Phytoplankton (Alpha-3 CMP) is a nutrient dense, whole food that provides a wide spectrum of essential nutrients including vitamins, amino acids, rare trace elements and cellular materials. Alpha-3 CMP is recognized as one of the most important nutrient sources for cellular health. Alpha-3 CMP provides a full array of marine phytonutrients needed to achieve & maintain a healthy and energetic lifestyle.


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