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Herbs have been used for their therapeutic, healing properties for centuries. It is the most ancient form of healthcare used by human-kind. Herbs were used to treat or cure just about any known illness. Any plant or plant part used for its medicinal, aromatic or aromatic qualities is considered an herb. Herbal supplements are just as effective as pharmaceutical drugs, but without the side-effects. Herbal supplements come in various forms, including fresh or dried, in capsules or tablets, or tinctures. Tinctures are either extracted in alcohol or glycerine. Alcohol-based tinctures have an extended shelf live and are more potent and effectual than glycerine-based tinctures. + Read more >

The quality of the raw herb which the herbal supplement is made from determines the excellence of the finished product. Herbal supplements can be purchased at Body Energy Club in isolation or in mixtures prepared for specific health concerns. Body Energy Club, Canada’s leading vitamins, supplements and nutrition store carries a wide selection of top quality herbal supplements. Before starting any new herbal supplements it is important to check with your doctor to make sure they are right for you, especially if you have a medical condition or are taking prescription medications.

  • AOR Bacopa Enlighten Herbal Supplements

    AOR Bacopa Enlighten Herbal Supplements

    Bacopa Enlighten is Bacopa monniera Linn, a herb used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for support of cognitive function. Recent science supports this role along with powerful neuroprotective effects through the upregulation of the brain's own antioxidant defense enzymes.


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  • AOR Chanca Piedra Herbal Supplements

    AOR Chanca Piedra Herbal Supplements

    Chanca Piedra is the Spanish common name for Phyllanthus niruri, and literally means "break stone." The botanical is traditionally used to support the health of the kidneys, liver, and gall bladder.


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  • AOR Curcumin-95 Herbal Supplements

    AOR Curcumin-95 Herbal Supplements

    Curcumin 95 is a standardized extract of curcuminoid complex extracted from the South Indian spice turmeric (Curcuma longa Linn.). Research supports the wide-ranging health benefits of curcuminoids, especially curcumin, including antioxidant effects, modulation of the production of inflammatory signal molecules (prostanoids and leukotrienes), and inhibition of the growth of cells which have not properly differentiated or whose growth pattern is abnormal. Curcumin is also a key botanical extract in traditional Ayurvedic medicine.


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  • AOR Garlic Alkalized Herbal Supplements

    AOR Garlic Alkalized Herbal Supplements

    Garlic Alkalized™ contains Allium sativumwhich can improve hyperlipidemia, help maintain cardiovascular health and is traditionally used in herbal medicine to help relieve symptoms associated with upper respiratory tract infections and catarrhal conditions. Garlic Alkalized uses delayed release capsule technology to minimize the social side effects of garlic supplementation.


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  • AOR Inflammation Relief Herbal Supplements

    AOR Inflammation Relief Herbal Supplements

    Inflammation Relief is formulated to maximize the bioavailability of standardized Boswellia serrata extract, curcumin and ashwagandha, which are botanicals with long historical usage in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for support in inflammatory conditions and to help relieve joint pain.


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  • AOR Liver Support Herbal Supplements

    AOR Liver Support Herbal Supplements

    Liver Support™ contains ingredients that help to support liver function and contains antioxidants for the maintenance of good health.


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  • AOR Mastica Chios Herbal Supplements

    AOR Mastica Chios Herbal Supplements

    Mastica Chios is Chios gum mastic, the resinous extract of the mastic tree (Pistacia lentiscus). Research supports gum mastic's contribution to gastrointestinal health through its effects on unfriendly bacteria in the stomach.


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  • AOR Ortho Adapt Herbal Supplements

    AOR Ortho Adapt Herbal Supplements

    Ortho Adapt is our premier adaptogenic formula. Includes porcine adrenal tissue and cortex to provide needed peptides and cofactors, along with Pantethine (the "activated" form of pantothenic acid (vitamin B5)), and botanical adaptogens. Supports the body's ability to respond to stress with balanced, proactive energy ("stage of resistance" or adaptogenic phase) rather than alarm or exhaustion. Also available in a vegetarian formula.


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  • AOR Ortho Sleep Herbal Supplements

    AOR Ortho Sleep Herbal Supplements

    Ortho•SleepTM was formulated to be the most comprehensively powerful natural sleep-aid available. Ortho•Sleep's ingredients have been clinically proven to reduce the latency and increase the quality of sleep.  


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