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Brands we carry

At Body Energy Club vitamins and supplements store we carry the best selection of Canada’s leading brands in vitamins & minerals, high-performance supplements and herbal remedies. Body Energy Club offers a large selection of top brand names such as AOR, New Chapter, Organika and New Roots. Body Energy Club also carries Vega One by Vega, Canada’s number one leader in plant based nutrition. We also feature many of the most popular brands of top quality protein powder such as Interactive, Progressive, Precision and Muscle Tech, as well as our very own privately manufactured Urban Fuel brand! Our knowledgeable staff at Body Energy Club can help you get the right products that best suits your individual needs.


    The ALLMAX Nutrition brand stands for Science, Innovation, Quality and Results

    OUR CUSTOMERS have had a healthy obsession with our products for over 5 years because they get results. They understand the importance of following a solid diet and training hard in combination with our high quality products. We understand that our customers demand more, which is why we consistently supply cutting-edge supplements to help them achieve their goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    At Alora Naturals we believe in the power of natural health. Our mission is to provide effective nutritional supplements that are naturally pure, potent and safe to help you achieve optimal health. Alora Naturals is passionate about manufacturing quality nutritional supplements. We are committed to deliver premium products with a high level of efficacy without compromising on quality.
  • AOR

    AOR Canada: Delivers highest quality, innovative, scientifically-supported natural health products for discerning consumers. AOR has the reputation for being the most advanced supplement formulator in Canada and possibly the world. AOR has led the field by introducing leading-edge products before acceptance by the mainstream supplement industry. Simply the best NHPs science and nature have to offer.


    As one of Canada's leading nutritional supplement companies, Absorb Science Inc.'s primary focus is on formulation. Our products are synergistic combinations of supplements that target specific pathologies, maximizing the effectiveness of each individual herb.+ Read more >

    All of our products are made up of standard herbs which are inspected and tested for stability, potency and purity to ensure they meet with our own and associated Health Canada standards.


    Aerobic  Oxygen is a  revolutionary formula that harbors a very high concentration of NON-TOXIC  STABILIZED ELECTROLYTES OF OXYGEN - Oxygen in molecular form. One of Oxygen's many properties is that it destroys harmful bacteria. Researchers have  not found any anaerobic infectious disease bacteria that Aerobic Oxygen does not  kill. It is effective against Salmonella, Cholera, E. Coli, Streptococcus,  Pseudamonas and Staphylococcus A. Its is even effective against  Giardia-Lamblia.


    Amazing Grass offers the most powerful vegetable on earth, consumable in a convenient way that aligns with our hectic lifestyles. We love hearing your stories about how our Amazing Grass products have changed your life. We also encourage our new friends to write us with their stories. The timeless phrase, "you are what you eat", sums up many of the responses. Eat Grass! Get Healthy! 


    Creating unique, delicious, healthy, gourmet food is a work of passion for us, blending together nuts and seeds like the vibrant colors of an artist’s palette. Handmade with care, our organic foods are crafted using a temperature controlled process that preserves the life-essential fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, and enzymes.


    In 2003 we formed Ascenta based on values that still hold true today. At Ascenta, as much as ever, “It’s what’s inside that matters”. It’s at the core of everything we do. It’s how we treat people, the way we conduct our business, and most importantly, what we put in our bottles and our bodies. “It’s what’s inside that matters” is a reflection of our beliefs and the values that have guided us over the past 10 years.

  • BSN
    Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition, Inc. (BSN®) was founded in 2001 and since then has become a global leader in the sports nutrition marketplace through relentless dedication to creating dynamic, cutting-edge, and result-producing products. BSN® products and the brand itself have won more than 35 sports nutrition awards over the course of the last six years, more than any other company in the industry. This legacy of performance has created tremendous brand awareness and loyalty for the company, building a faithful following of consumers, athletes and fans in the process.
    At Botanica, we believe that plants hold immense healing powers. To access this power, we work closely with growers, scientists, and clinicians to ensure peak potency, sustainability, efficacy, and purity. Our purpose is to empower people to manage their own health and wellness outcomes by using modern techniques to bring plant medicine into today’s world.
    The Ultimate line is about improving lives, one body at a time, by correcting and maintaining metabolism. Effective nutrient supplementation can often be the missing piece to your metabolic puzzle. Our supplements and lifestyle recommendations are designed to support and optimize metabolism at the cellular level, resulting in abundant Energy, Health and Longevity.
  • BACH

    Dr. Edward Bach discovered the Original Bach Flower Remedies which is a system of 38 Flower Remedies that corrects emotional imbalances where negative emotions are replaced with positive.
    The Bach Flower Remedies work in conjunction with herbs, homeopathy and medications and are safe for everyone, including children, pregnant women, pets, the elderly and even plants.
    The Bach Flower Remedies is a simple system of healing that is easy for anyone to use.
    "Health depends on being in harmony with our souls" Dr. Edward Bach


    Bali'Sun Coconut products includes: Coconut Ambrosia, Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut Comfort. 100% organic products.

    Ballistic laboratories® deals with a CGMP (Certified Good Manufacturing Practices), Site and Pharmaceutically Licensed manufacturing facility to produce our highly advanced, quality formulas. These facilities are Government audited for quality assurance and label claims. Through this, our clients are guaranteed that every ingredient used is Pharmaceutical Grade and that our formulas will be more effective in a shorter period of time. Ballistic Laboratories® goes this extra mile to provide the highest quality ingredients possible for every formula and to instill confidence in our clients that Ballistic Laboratories® is the brand to trust.
    Every day at Betty Lou's we challenge the notion that healthy, all-natural, gluten-free products have to compromise on taste. We've proven that the opposite can be true! Our delicious products have been made that way from the beginning and it's what we do best! Betty Lou
  • BPI
    Tested for Quality. Build for Results.
    The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle Motto: "You are what you eat, drink, breathe, think, say and do".

    Our mission is to help people perform better, think faster, and live better using a proven blend of ancient knowledge and brand new technologies, tempered by research, science, and measured results from our customers, top athletes, and medical professionals.

    CanPrev was founded on the belief that many health problems can be prevented or solved by supplying our bodies with nutrients that are already present in nature. Our product development process merges the best creative and critical thinking with the very latest scientific research. Our goal is to create the world’s most innovative and effective natural health products.
    For more than 50 years, Carlson Laboratories has been recognized as an innovator and leading educator in the field of high-quality nutritional supplements. The Carlson family’s interest in vitamins and minerals began when they experienced the benefits of vitamin E firsthand
    Cellucor is an award winning industry leader committed to premium products, innovation, and most importantly, your results. We strive to be the elite difference makers in the world of sports nutrition and dietary supplements. We consistently reinvent ourselves, updating our products to deliver the latest and greatest advances to help you reach and exceed your goals. We’ve set the stage for game changing results.
  • CELT
    The developers of Celt Immuno-Care, Alan and Jack, have always had an interest in healthy living. A desire to eat healthily, to exercise, to have a spiritual component in their lives, and to try to enjoy the beauty around them.
    CytoSport® and its family of brands help athletes of all ages and levels reach their full potential, providing products that help the body recover, rebuild and restore.
    At Ddrops® Company, we are passionate about vitamin D. Founded in response to a need for a simply better way to provide the one vitamin that is most often deficient in the industrial world– vitamin D. Our research and development is geared toward developing and marketing safe, effective, convenient and economical forms of vitamin D supplements under the Ddrops® brand. Our mission is to spread a little sunshine vitamin simply one drop at a time!
    DōMatcha® is cultivated, harvested and processed very carefully every step of the way to keep it fresh and rich in flavor, the Japanese way! Very little machinery is used in the process to assure top quality and to stay true to the ancient roots of Matcha.
    Wonderful as a tonic for overall health, providing antioxidant protection and potent benefits for the blood, Regulat has also been used to successfully treat Lyme disease. This biologically active essential enzyme and phytonutrient liquid concentrate is produced by a patented process called Cascade Fermentation. Uniquely rich in active biological elements, Regulat Liquid by Dr. Niedermaier is certified organic by European Organic Standards.
    Health and safety are paramount to our business. We actively search for the best way to provide exceptional nutritional supplements. From the details that make up the manufacturing component of each supplement, to choosing...

    Our vision is to provide ongoing research and development into leading edge Organic Whole Plant-Based Sports Supplements.Ergogenics Nutrition has a core belief in being an ethically responsible corporation by putting our customers health first over profit! We believe it's important to nourish the body with premium quality all natural & organic ingredients, instead of using Artificial ingredients that pollute the body and may have potentially harmful effects.

    Ecoideas is a manufacturer of Natural Health Products and a distributor to retailers across Canada. Our team at Ecoideas strongly believes in the alignment of thought with speech and action, which became the strong foundation of our company. Ecoideas believes in fair-trade and supports business practices that promote job creation and sustainability in countries where our resources are found. Our purpose is to bring unique, cost-effective, ecological products to consumers through trusted health food stores. We believe that healthy living should be available to everyone, and that the earth must not suffer in order for humans to live well.
    Efamol Ltd specialises in essential fatty acid (EFA) based products, so called because these fats are essential for the healthy functioning of every cell in the human body. Efamol Ltd sources only high-quality fish oils and Evening Primrose Oils from their own exclusive seed to provide the Omega-3 and Omega-6 families of nutrients that form the basis of all their products. Since its inception Efamol Ltd has developed a specialised range of fatty acid based supplements that span a number of health sectors, including vision, memory and hormonal health. The products are designed to suit the needs of life’s various stages. Even our name demonstrates our commitment – ‘Efamol’ is an acronym for Essential Fatty Acid MOLecule.
    When performance counts and being at your absolute best is absolutely crucial, count on elete Electrolytes to stay hydrated, keep muscles working in tip-top condition, and recover quickly following exertion. elete Electrolytes provide balanced ions of magnesium, potassium, sodium and chloride without carbs, sugars, or any artificial ingredients.
    Fuel for a Healthy Lifestyle It is a paradoxical challenge to create an energy bar that is both delicious and healthy. Elevate Me is our masterpiece, an all-natural protein bar that shatters the conventional approach to prepackaged snacks. Bite after bite you'll be left craving for more.
    Enzymatic Therapy, Inc. is more than just a company - it's a pledge to you. Our people are dedicated to providing you with the best supplements available anywhere. We are fortunate to have an excellent combination of leadership, knowledge, and innovative spirit that can keep all of our customers knowing "What Better Feels Like."
    Fit Stars, has been selling their oven fresh, whole-food based nutrition bars since August of 2009, recently undergoing a reformulation and rebranding in 2014. Iso-Bar has been very successful with yoga enthusiasts, bodybuilders, professional athletes, recreationalists and the general population wanting a bar that satisfies their palate as well as their nutritional needs. Iso-Bars are available in Tasty Chocolate, Yummy Yogurt, and Almond Chocolate Chunk. The bars are all-natural, whole-food based, with organic ingredients, free of genetically modified organisms (Non-GMO), high fibre, high protein (contains 100% whey protein isolate), no artificial sweeteners or preservatives and contains all the dietary components required for a well-balanced meal.

    Flora prides itself in offering a wide variety of premium, award-winning natural health products prepared with select botanicals nurtured and harvested from their own organic farmlands-- teas, tonics and oils precisely formulated to ensure optimal results. Flora’s mission is to provide products and services that contribute to the continuing evolution toward harmony, peace, personal growth, and perfection on Earth.

    For almost two decades FUSION BODYBUILDING has been at the cutting edge of bodybuilding supplementation. We work tirelessly to bring you the highest quality and strongest supplements in the industry. We are here to grow the bodybuilding culture and our sport.
    Our criteria for every ingredient in each of our formulas is constant: It must be pure and natural, research-proven, safe and effective. We are so proud of formulations and the results people get that we want everyone to know about it. We are also proud of what our formulas do not contain, such as: artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives, corn, dairy, egg, gluten, yeast, GMO or animal products.
    Garden of Life’s commitment to health goes beyond offering some of the most effective nutritional products in the world. We are interested in building relationships with people to help them transform their lives to attain extraordinary health. By combining the best of nature and science, the Garden of Life brand offers a path to healthy living with premium products that are supported by education and innovation.
    Gaspari Nutrition. The leading manufacture of bodybuilding supplements whey protein protein shakes and protein powders from Rich Gaspari.
  • GAT
    Elite athletes choose GAT because extreme is in their DNA and ours. It’s who we are and what we do, from the Team GAT roster of athletes to our portfolio of physique and performance enhancing products. Our products offer our customers the ability to build, strengthen and define their bodies with greater success and satisfaction.
    George Warren, an Independent research chemist in Houston, Texas, developed the special processing method that prevents the spoilage without diminishing the essential properties of the Aloe Vera plant. This new method completely eliminates the aloins, which gives a bitter taste (and the greenish color) to Aloe Vera juices. He also successfully removed the starches and sugars from the polysaccharide molecular chain and thus, George's "Always Active®" Aloe requires no refrigeration, will not spoil in its natural state. This method adds no water, no preservatives, no chemicals of any kind. The finished product looks and tastes like spring water.
  • GU
    We are a company of athletes. And we know that there will always be world records to destroy, hairier mountain trails to conquer, and personal demons to slay. Whether it’s with long-lasting energy, muscle-rebuilding fuel and protection, or natural hydration in a gel, powder, drink, capsule, or some other form we haven’t invented yet, we are committed to helping propel you to the next level.
    Organic Functional Foods
    Our products originate from nature's recipe combined with pharmaceutical know-how, German precision and a respect for partners and the environment. HÜBNER stands for premium products of the highest quality. We do not just want to satisfy our partners; we want to inspire them!
    Harbinger built its reputation as an authentic, performance-oriented brand for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. We offer innovation, technology, quality and value at every price point. With numerous patents on gloves and other training items, Harbinger continues to bring new products to the market. We offer products for power weightlifting, strength training, home exercise and core training. Harbinger is the brand of choice for athletes serious about their training and achieving their personal fitness goals.
    The perfectly balanced trace elements found in Utah's Great Salt Lake are the center of that mission and the goodness of our products. Combining the natural balance of minerals and trace elements with vitamins, herbs, enzymes, and other nutrients, we've created a full line of nutritional supplements. We look forward to providing our natural products as the perfect solution to meet your needs.
    Himalaya's nutrition health range combines the knowledge of Ayurveda with modern science, to give children and adults a daily herbal nutritional health supplement that provides the benefits of scientifically validated age-old herbs along with essential vitamins and minerals.
    At Interactive Nutrition, our mission to help people achieve their best health possible and overall fitness potential through nutrition! Our passion to lead the industry with premium and innovative products and serve our customers with the cleanest and purest forms of nutritional supplements! We know health and wellness remains at the forefront of everyone’s priority, and because our products are recognized as the highest quality in the industry, we remain accountable to our customers to continue leading the way for health and fitness potential through high quality and efficacious nutritional supplementation. The Interactive family consists of our employees, our customers and our products, and we pride ourselves on being ethical, accountable and committed to the common good of our industry, our community and our planet
    We believe in living healthier lives and loving our planet, that is why we bring you these natural products - products that will help you with everyday life.
    Since day one, Kaizen Naturals® has provided consumers with safe, effective products that are easy to use, and produce measurable results. Kaizen Naturals® products are manufactured under strict quality control standards and product testing and Kaizen Naturals® is proudly manufactured in a NSF Certified facility.
    Klean Athlete products are manufactured through a simple paradigm: provide formulas that are proven through sound science, support your active lifestyle and give you everything you need — and nothing you don’t. The complete line is formulated without wheat or gluten and contains no artificial coloring, flavoring or sweeteners. Our line of nutritional supplements are tested and certified through our partner, NSF International™, and their prestigious NSF Certified for Sport® program.

    Kleissinger Labs brings you Purity and Potency in cutting-edge technology and research-driven formulations for the gold standard in dietary supplements.

    With 10 years of experience, Kleissinger Labs understands the advanced dietary needs of today’s consumer and has created an exciting new line of ALL NATURAL dietary supplements, designed to enhance your health and improve your overall level of fitness.


    Lenny & Larry’s mission is to continue to create and distribute quality baked goods as well as to encourage physical fitness and a healthy diet.

    Our focus is to ensure effective products through research, proper formulation, the best quality control and extensive third-party independent testing. As part of our high quality assurance, we do not use unnecessary excipients and flowing agents such as irradiated rice flour, GMOs. Only vegetarian capsules are used for our products.
    While ancient records show that the aloe plant and its health benefits have been known for 5,000 years, we continue to learn just how much it can do, both when absorbed internally and when applied topically to the skin. Some of its best known benefits include: supporting healthy digestion, enhancing antioxidant support, supporting a healthy immune system, reducing harmful toxins, increasing nutrient absorption and soothing occasional muscle and joint discomfort.
    LeafSource is a 100% organic mineral composite derived from highly-decomposed organic materials that have fossilized over millions of years. This ancient tropical vegetation contains large amounts of organic acids (humic and fulvic acids), proteins, macro & micronutrients, organic carbon compounds, plant hormones and enzymes.
    Since 1988, LifeTime® Vitamins has manufactured products with the highest quality and without compromise. We offer a full product line of capsules, tablets and powders as well as delicious liquid products that deliver nutrition in an innovative way.
    MusclePharm® provides sports nutrition products and supplements for athletes of all kinds. Including pre-workout, protein powder, and post workout drinks.
    Magnum® carries a full line of sports nutrition products in a variety of sizes and flavors and there is sure to be something for everyone whether you are looking to increase strength, build lean muscle, shed a few pounds, increase testosterone, or simply looking to improve your overall health.
    When it comes to hemp foods, we want to know as much as possible and be involved at every level - from seed to shelf. Luckily we are! We are tremendously proud to be the world’s largest hemp food manufacturer to grow, make and sell our own line of hemp foods.
  • Mega Food
    Mega Food
    MegaFood has made whole food supplements for 40 years and we take great pride in knowing we deliver the promise of farm fresh foods to you in every product we make. Doing this is not easy, yet we believe farm fresh whole foods are the best way to deliver authentic nourishment and not just vitamins and minerals alone.
    To make Modifilan, raw seaweed Laminaria is hand-harvested in the wild natural habitat, where it grows to a size large enough to extract the inner part of the leaves. Modifilan is referred to as an extract, but basically it is the dried, concentrated juice of brown seaweed. It is a simple and absolutely natural product, a true whole food substance that is not formulated. We do not try to recreate nature, which is a different approach from most of the supplements found on the market today. From all of us who brought MODIFILAN to you, THANK YOU for your interest, trust, and business. We wish you peace, love, and excellent health!
  • MUM'S
    At Mum’s Original™ we make healthy delicious foods that reflect our values while embracing the knowledge of the past. Our formother's uncomplicated and down-to-earth approach to life, family and food are helpful lessons in today's fast paced, hectic schedules. At Mum’s Original™ our "back to basics" approach to sensible food, conscientious farming and wholesome goodness embraces many of the simple principles our grandparents understood. Natural and Organic ingredients are combined to make yummy and nutrient rich foods that are easy to incorporate into your busy life, and the lives of your loved ones, without a whole lot of fuss. Our delicious and wholesome products are even more enjoyable knowing that our guilt free eco-packaging protects our childrens' future by accepting today's responsibilities. - See more at:
    We are MUTANT – Leave Humanity Behind! MUTANT will deliver experimental musclebuilding formula's that are designed to help you build freaky, mutated muscle. MUTANT MASS was the first to arm the Nation of MUTANTs with the world's #1 weight gaining formula. Since 2006, MUTANT MASS has become the gainer of choice among bodybuilders and powerlifters in over 85 countries worldwide. After years of experimentation, the MUTANT R&D lab has developed new and powerful bodybuilding supplements. Their plan was simple – to modify your regular workout into absolute iron-crushing chaos that forces your muscle and strength into the freak zone! No "curls for the girls" or "coreball crunches" in the MUTANT lab – nope, MUTANT is for those who want massive size and strength, period.

    For more than 50 years, Canada's leader in developing and manufacturing supplements that consumers trust to protect their families' health. They grow their own organic herbs processed in the largest, most sophisticated laboratory facilities in Canada, guaranteeing the safety, purity and potency of all our raw materials. Their products are formulated by a team of medical and naturopathic physicians, herbalists and nutritionists.

    When you try a New Roots Product, you feel the difference. Our focus lies in quality, consistency, effectiveness, and a devotion to ethical standards. From advanced formulations for specific conditions to herbal tinctures and single-ingredient products, we welcome you to see what New Roots Herbal has to offer.

    Affordable, high-quality, top-selling dietary supplements since 1968. Empowering people to lead healthier lives. Stringent safety standards yet natural as possible, NOW products’ Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification has made us an award-winning, state-of-the-art manufacturer, a leader in the field, our products’ quality standing above others in the industry.

  • NAKA
    Naka Herbs & Vitamins Ltd. is a leading Canadian manufacturer and distributor of premium quality herbal products for the health food market. Founded in 1991, Naka’s success has been built upon introducing innovative supplements in liquid or easy-to-swallow capsule forms designed to meet the better health needs of consumers worldwide. Our commitment to providing superior quality and value, plus excellent customer service, has helped to make Naka a trusted national brand in the health food trade.
    Natural Vitality was founded in 1982 by Peter Gillham, developer of Natural Calm. Today, Natural Vitality is an Austin-based international purpose-driven company committed to healthier and happier living. Owned and operated by partners Ken and Susan Whitman and Justin Farmer, Natural Vitality has developed a line of best-selling supplements based on research and formulated to produce a noticeable result. We also believe that real, lasting health requires the creation of a sustainable environment and locally-based food system. For our dietary supplements, we seek out organic plant-based ingredients wherever possible. All the fruits and vegetables we use are organically grown. The agave, stevia, and fruit flavorings are organic as well. This not only assures customers of no pesticide residues and no GMO ingredients but also provides financial support to organic farming.
    After Nearly 34 Years of Success, The People Behind Nature's Harmony® Know Quality & Deliver It. To deliver on our promise, our product design team is constantly developing new formulations and sourcing advanced raw materials that meet not only our stringent requirements, but those of Health Canada’s Natural Health Products Directorate (NHPD).
    navitas naturals - the superfood company The mission of Navitas Naturals is to provide the finest organic superfoods that increase energy and enhance health. Since 2003, health-conscious people have been choosing our organic superfoods because they’re a diverse whole-food source of antioxidants, protein, essential fats, minerals, vitamins and other key nutrients.
    New Chapter vitamins and minerals are individually cultured using proprietary recipes of organic yeast, live probiotics, and whole foods such as organic carrot, organic alfalfa, and organic orange peel. Then, each multivitamin is uniquely formulated with 20+ cultured vitamins and minerals plus artisanal blends of complementary herbs. The result? Targeted, whole-food cultured multivitamins, ready to support your health.
    At Nordic Naturals we believe that omega oils are essential to life. By correcting the global omega-3 deficiency, we give each generation what they need to grow healthy and strong. Through science and innovation, we are committed to delivering the world's safest, most effective omega oils.
    Committed to the health and well-being of our consumers and the environment, North Coast Naturals uses the best of science and nature to develop the highest quality certified organic nutrition and natural health products.
    Novaforme spends a great deal of time when putting together their formulations. This includes researching ingredients to find the perfect synergistic balance at the most efficacious dosages, as well as finding the highest quality suppliers of each ingredient to ensure the end product is the very beast for your health.
    That's why our mission is to provide the best ingredients and supplements that will help you, your family and your loved ones to live a healthier life style. We have considered that these supplements must FIT INTO your lifestyle to make life easier for you. It is this thinking that has guided us in designing this website to be a non-stressful, enjoyable shopping experience!
    Nutiva® is the world’s leading brand of all-organic hemp foods, coconut oil, red palm oil and chia seeds. We’re a values-driven brand, dedicated to “Nourishing people and planet.”
    Nutrabolics® is a world leader in cutting-edge sports nutrition. Emerging from the vision to create an industry-leading premium sports supplement brand, Nutrabolics® creates products of the highest quality and innovation. In just 10 short years Nutrabolics® has exploded internationally, meeting a rising demand from retailers, professional athletes, and fitness enthusiasts in over 50 countries across the globe.
    NUTRACLEANSE™ is a gluten-free 100% natural food product based on a 150 year-old Finnish recipe. It is a unique formulation consisting of ground flaxseed, psyllium husks, dandelion root powder, burdock root powder, and fenugreek seed powder.

    A critical part of Organika’s promise of quality, purity and potency begins between the product development and manufacturing stage, where the purest raw materials are sourced for the creation of each Organika product. Organika’s purchasing department combs the world for raw materials that will provide the safest and most effective health products.

    Because this step is crucial for creating consistently high-quality products, this is also the stage where Organika’s strict testing process begins. The meticulous testing of raw materials is to ensure a product’s purity before it is moved to manufacturing process.

    Many companies produce herbal formulations, but only Omega Alpha manufactures supplements based on proven scientific research and testing, not popular fads and media/marketing manipulation. Currently Omega Alpha manufactures over 100 natural health products, many of which have been clinically evaluated by pharmacists and medical or naturopathic doctors. When buying nutraceuticals from Omega Alpha for yourself or your family, you can be sure that only the best all-natural ingredients are included in the natural health industry’s most intelligent formulations to help support and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    Our mission is to inspire peak performance through a combination of unique products and actionable information. Combining bleeding-edge science, earth-grown nutrients, and time-tested strategies from top athletes and medical professionals, we are dedicated to providing our customers with supplements, foods, and fitness equipment aimed at helping people achieve a new level of well-being we call Total Human Optimization.


    From the beginning, our customers have been our number one priority. While strict quality control, lab testing, and manufacturing under tightly controlled conditions are all very important, they are all done for one reason – to bring you high quality, affordable supplements. We pride ourselves on customer loyalty and are pleased to report that nearly all of our first-time customers become devoted patrons. You can be confident that from the moment a product is conceived to the moment it leaves our facility we put only the best into Optimum Nutrition so you only put the best into your body.

    Organic Traditions is inspired by historically revered traditional superfoods of many indigenous cultures from around the world. You will find a diverse range of superfoods, herbs, loose leaf and other specialty teas, low glycemic sweeteners, and other totally unique super high quality plant based product from many healing traditions, cultures and medical systems.
    At Progressive we don’t just develop dietary supplements; we take a holistic approach and address the nutritional requirements of your entire body. We focus on providing exactly what you need and when.
    Through clinically-validated ingredients and the highest level of GMP quality standards, PHARMAFREAK® is dedicated to the research, development and creation of the world’s strongest supplements.
    Established in 1996, Platinum Naturals is an award-winning, Canadian manufacturer of high quality supplements. Based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, we maintain strong community ties by supporting local charities. We also aid our global community by sponsoring international humanitarian efforts.
    Prairie Naturals is a privately owned, family business headquartered near Vancouver, BC, Canada. Our core business is the research, development, marketing and distribution of more than 100 premium quality nutritional supplements, natural hair and natural body care products.
    Whoever your competition and whatever your performance requires, Precision is your brand because it’s based on real science. Our supplements embrace the latest scientific advancements and utilize the highest quality raw materials.
  • Pro Line Nutrition
    Pro Line Nutrition

    Pro Line Advanced Nutrition is a premium sports nutrition brand that delivers innovative performance supplements supported by strong scientific evidence. We strive to manufacture distinctive, premium-quality supplements while anticipating our changing customer needs by providing sports nutrition supplements that deliver real results.

  • ProSupps

    Our Company’s vision is to encourage healthy living through exercise, diet and supplementation. We will create products specific to this vision, and provide the tools for all ProSupps customers to reach their personal health and fitness goals.

    Inspired by nature and backed by science, we create new horizons in health and wellness by empowering you with the finest whole foods, supplements and lifestyle solutions.
  • PVL
    PVL Sports Nutrition delivers performance supplements that are engineered based on compelling scientific evidence. Each PVL supplement provides true doses of clinically proven ingredients, which quickly deliver noticeable results! At PVL, we're experts on the science of performance and that's why PVL is the brand of choice for consumers that are looking for products that deliver real results, and not just hype.
    Clean eating should be fun. You deserve delicious, real food that's actually good for you. That's why we created savory Quest Protein Chips and decadent Quest Protein Bars that taste amazing without compromising on nutrition.
    Renew Life is North America’s #1 digestive care and cleansing company. Brenda Watson, the founder of Renew Life, believes that optimum health begins with a properly functioning digestive system. Our mission is to empower each and every one of our valued customers with the knowledge to improve their overall health through optimum digestive function and superior nutrition. We accomplish this goal by providing safe and effective natural solutions to digestive care issues through our innovative product line and continued commitment to education.
  • Rivalus

    RIVALUS has a clear and laser-like focus: make the most powerful and effective supplements available free of hazardous substances and unwanted fillers. This business model has captured the attention of many competitors who try to capitalize and copy our business model. No one has more professional athletes than TEAM RIVALUS.

    Salus-Haus plays an important part in the Flora family of products on many Salus Logodifferent levels. Salus-Haus manufactures some of the most well-known and trusted herbal products on earth, one of which is the award-winning Floradix® liquid iron formula.
    Santevia brings clear, fresh mountain taste, and a pH of over 8.0 to every glass of water. Best of all, it’s affordable and environmentally friendly. Using all natural earth elements, the water is infused with essential minerals. Regular tap water is transformed into clean, mineralized alkaline water at a lower cost than any other common filter systems. More than a water filter, Santevia adjusts water’s pH to mildly alkaline by reintroducing minerals that promote ionization and oxygenation helping your body maintain its active equilibrium.
    At Scivation, we are whole-heartedly committed to excellence in manufacturing, research and results. After years of doing this — and with over a century of combined experience — we are unwilling to settle for complacency or commonplace. We know we are dealing with delicate and intricate biological machinery. And we know that only those products that are rigorously investigated for efficacy and relevance are worthy of the Scivation name; worthy of putting into your body.
    SD Pharmaceuticals™, The Single Ingredient Specialists, is always the first to bring innovative ingredients – based on the most up-to-date scientific research – to the dietary supplement market. SD Pharmaceuticals™ was created to meet the ever-growing demand from consumers for higher quality dietary supplements with more effective, standardized ingredient dosages.

    Quality is important. In an industry that must answer to trustworthy products, we are witnessing a greater commitment to quality. Sea-licious prides itself on being a 5-star IFOS-certified omega-3 oil, the highest quality fish oil on the market, excelling and exceeding in quality assurance.

  • SISU
    Since 1980 SISU has formulated and distributed premium SISU vitamins and supplements to the natural health product industry, where knowledgeable store recommenders and health professionals help people improve their health, and prevent disease with the use of SISU vitamins and supplements.
    Sovereign Silver has only two ingredients: 99.999% pure silver and pharmaceutical-grade purified water. It does not contain added salts or proteins that render other silver products less effective. Plus, it is packaged in non-leaching glass bottles, never plastic, to guarantee purity throughout its shelf-life. Sovereign Silver is vegan. It is also allergen-, glutten- and GMO-free.
    Strauss Herb Company® and its traditional products are the result of eight generations of practice in development, production and application of herbal remedies. Most of our products have been in use for centuries, having been passed down through generations of the Strauss family.
    Sunwarrior is a small, growing health food company that's committed to making only the best plant-based foods and supplements while elevating humanity and preserving the planet. Our mission is clear—Illuminate Body, Mind, and Planet—and we strive to live those ideals in everything we do, from growing microgreens in our office to sourcing the finest ingredients from around the world when developing a new product.
    Trophic’s mission is, and always has been, to provide Canadians with premium-quality, natural nutritional supplements, as close to nature as possible, at an affordable price.
    Udo's Choice is a premium brand of omega oils, probiotics, enzymes and organic greens. Proudly made in Canada, and a trusted name for over 40 years, Udo's Choice uses organic, Non-GMO, sustainable ingredients wherever possible. Udo's promise is their quality.'s selection of Udo's Choice includes their Udo's Choice 3.6.9 Oil Blend and their Udo's Choice Ultimate Digestive Enzymes for Daily Maintenance, Urgent Care and Immediate Relief.
    Replace lost electrolytes with Ultima Replenisher — is vegan, has no sugar and nothing artificial added, ever! We’re sweetened naturally with stevia leaf and made with real fruit flavors.

    Advanced, cutting-edge vitamins and sports supplements for serious athletes. Universal Nutrition offers one of the best product guarantees in the industry. Service is uniquely responsive: the staff and trainers listen to customers’ specific health and training needs and offer customized solutions. High quality products and equally high quality service since 1977.

    Body Energy Club's very own in-house Brand.
  • VEGA
    Vega began with a vision, determination, and a serendipitous relationship that bore the first Vega product, now called Vega One.
  • VIVA
    Viva Health Products is a Canadian owned and operated personal health and skin care company. Our focus has been to provide consumers with affordable and high quality natural products.

    Voyageur Teas was created to showcase the traditional plants used for generations by Canada's First Nations and just like the Voyageurs who travelled the wilderness of Canada we at Voyageur Teas explore the wilds of British Columbia looking for the best and healthiest of plants to make our hand-crafted teas. Voyageur Teas works to promote the bounty that Canada's forests have to offer.

    Weight loss isn’t easy, and it doesn’t help when people and products make unproven claims and impossible promises. When it comes to miracle pills, the person who ultimately stands to lose is you, and that’s not okay. We exist to put an end to that cycle by creating a family of safe, natural and effective weight-loss support products for women, without all the hype.
    After over 20 years in business, Westpoint Naturals has emerged as a trusted source of quality whole, natural, and organic foods.
    At Wild Rose, we feel our products are an excellent choice : When it comes to product development, we are uncompromisingly discerning. All Wild Rose products are created from a combination of clinical experience, traditional wisdom and modern knowledge. We begin with proven traditional formulas and then build upon the firm foundation with a structure of botany, biochemistry and herbology. By combining past wisdom with modern technology, we create products that reflect our commitment to excellence. We use the highest quality ingredients available. At Wild Rose, we believe this to be true and trust that you will come to realize the same. You are invited to enjoy greater health and well-being as a result of using our products.
    Wilderness Family Naturals is here to serve you from the pristine wilderness of Northeastern Minnesota. We are located on the North Shore of Lake Superior at the edge of the Superior National Forest, in an untouched, unpolluted land teeming with wolves, moose, beaver and bald eagles. This area of the United States has some of the purest water and freshest air in the entire country and the soil here has never been depleted by farming or contaminated by industry. For over 20 years Ken and Annette have purposed to live clean healthy lives, believing that a diet with nutrient dense foods is key.
    Wobenzym® N was designed using a sophisticated combination of the plant-based enzymes bromelain (pineapple extract) and papain (papaya extract), natural pancreatic enzymes trypsin and chymotrypsin, and the antioxidant flavonoid rutin.
    Matcha tea lover Julie Aubin, founder of Zen Organics, started drinking organic Japanese Matcha tea as an alternative to coffee and coffee blends. At the time it was virtually impossible to find affordable, superior, organic Japanese Matcha tea in Vancouver. Lack of choice led to importation of organic Japanese Matcha for personal use. Soon Julie was sharing her supply and her love of Matcha with friends and family. Soon Julie was importing organic Japanese Matcha for herself, friends and family. As the amazing health benefits of Matcha became more apparent and demand picked up, Zen Organics was born.

Staff Picks

  • WithinUs TruMarine Collagen

    WithinUs TruMarine Collagen

    Premium Select Grade™ withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen is a natural premium select grade collagen peptide. We are very proud to be able to provide our customers with the highest grade of collagen available. Our ultra-pure TruMarine™ Collagen offers a high concentration of specific amino acids, which have scientifically proven benefits to help with the formation of collagen within the body. Clinically proven benefits High bioavailability & maximum absorption Health Canada approved Non-GMO Project verified Wild, sustainable source Quality, Pure and Simple™ withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen is not formulated with any other ingredients, preservatives or stabilizers. Our Ultra-Pure™ collagen is produced from an exclusive, sustainable source from the deep, pristine waters of the South Pacific. Collagen is the most important structural protein in the body. From the age of 25 we lose 1% of our collagen each year; this causes our skin to wrinkle, joints to stiffen and bones to weaken. Adding one scoop of TruMarine™ Collagen to your daily regimen helps: Reduce fine lines and wrinkles Repair sun damage Increase skin hydration and suppleness Reduce joint pain Strengthen hair and nails Maintain bone health


    Free shipping


  • WithinUs TruMarine Collagen

    WithinUs TruMarine Collagen

    Premium Select Grade™ withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen is a natural premium select grade collagen peptide. We are very proud to be able to provide our customers with the highest grade of collagen available. Our ultra-pure TruMarine™ Collagen offers a high concentration of specific amino acids, which have scientifically proven benefits to help with the formation of collagen within the body. Clinically proven benefits High bioavailability & maximum absorption Health Canada approved Non-GMO Project verified Wild, sustainable source Quality, Pure and Simple™ withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen is not formulated with any other ingredients, preservatives or stabilizers. Our Ultra-Pure™ collagen is produced from an exclusive, sustainable source from the deep, pristine waters of the South Pacific. Collagen is the most important structural protein in the body. From the age of 25 we lose 1% of our collagen each year; this causes our skin to wrinkle, joints to stiffen and bones to weaken. Adding one scoop of TruMarine™ Collagen to your daily regimen helps: Reduce fine lines and wrinkles Repair sun damage Increase skin hydration and suppleness Reduce joint pain Strengthen hair and nails Maintain bone health


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