The Use and Misuse of Sugars


The Use and Misuse of Sugars

The use and misuse of sugar has become prevalent in our western culture. Sugars in whole foods are balanced with the proper minerals. When natural sugar is refined and concentrated, the life force is dispersed and the natural balance upset.  Refined sugar delivers high energy and keeps us working at this level, but unfortunately, it is addicting and contributes to disease and unhappiness. Refined sugar passes quickly into the bloodstream in large amounts, giving the pancreas and stomach a shock. After all that, an acid condition forms which consumes the body’s minerals quickly, depleting calcium storage which then leads to bone problems. Then as if this isn’t enough, the digestive system is weakened so food cannot be digested or assimilated properly, leading to blood-sugar imbalances and further cravings for sugar.

Symptoms of High Sugar Intake

High intake of refined sugar leads to obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, immune deficiency, tooth decay, and bone loss. Wow! That’s a lot of problems one can expect to experience from an overload of sugar right? Here are a few more; it also contributes to viral and yeast infections, cancer, pre-menstrual syndrome, menstrual problems and male impotence; it weakens the mind, causing; loss of memory and concentration, nervousness, shyness, violence, negative thought, and emotional upset. Sugar feeds sadness; sugar fuels laziness.

Choosing the Right Sweeteners

Sugar and chemical sweeteners are in almost everything – breads, cereals, salad dressings, soups, mixes, cured meat, bottled drinks, canned food etc. It is wise to carefully read your labels so you don’t end up with a so-called ‘Naturally Sweetened’ product. The sweeteners I list below are Unrefined and are nutrient-dense

Unrefined Cane Juice Powder” is made by evaporating the water from the whole sugar cane juice. It is not to be confused with brown sugar (which is white sugar with molasses added to it) or various kinds of raw sugar; it has far more mineralization than your typical refined sugar. Beware of advertising as they will not list “sugar” as an ingredient but, rather will put in refined sugar as “dried cane juice” or “cane juice”. Choose only ‘Unrefined Dried Cane Juice’. Many of us are now using Stevia as a healthy alternative to sugar. Stevia is a whole herbal food and is thirty times the sweetener as regular sugar. It is recommended because it will not spike blood sugar levels and is safe for diabetics. When choosing Stevia, only obtain the green or brown stevia extracts or powders as the white extracts and powders are highly refined and lack in essential phyto-nutrients. Amasake- from fermented rice, and The Grain Malts are not highly processed and contain a good percentage of complex sugars which take longer to digest; this balances out the blood-sugar spikes associated with the consumption of refined sweeteners. Honey and Molasses are best when they are naturally processed. Blackstrap molasses is a by-product of granulated sugar and is best to avoid. Honey that is not raw or has been processed in any way is not ideal; stick to the raw natural varieties. Last but not least, Coconut Sap Sweetener; coconut sugar is high in mineral content and will not spike blood-sugar levels. This amazing sweetener is ideal for anyone who still wants that ‘brown sugar’-like taste and is great for baking. Coconut sweetener is not refined; it is a naturally dried product that has all its minerals intact.

In an upcoming Blog I will share a few dessert recipes for you to try. Remember, even if you’ve addressed the use and misuse of sugars by using a quality of sweetener that is great, always have a balance and try not to over-consume. Too much of a good thing can also put us out of balance.

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