When we look at deficiencies of our bodies, we rarely think about taking a look at Blood Deficiency; if at all. Let’s take a look at what causes it; I will share important  nutrients to help build and cleanse the blood.

What causes blood deficiency?

Blood deficiency is caused by inadequate intake of nutrients, by the inability to absorb these nutrients, or by the loss of blood through gastrointestinal bleeding. Stagnant blood flow that inhibits formation of new blood is also another cause, as are chronic diseases.

Signs of blood deficiency: Paleness of the lips, nail beds and tongue, complexion paleness, spots in the field of vision, unusual hair loss, premature greying and thin, dry hair, dry skin, and trembling or numbness in the arms or hands. Disorders associated with blood deficiency are anemia, nervousness, low back pain, headache; and for women menses that are painful or absent often result from blood deficiency.

For the first stages of the treatment of blood deficiency one will need to build blood through nutrition. There are two approaches- increase the digestive absorption of nutrients, and add those specific nutrients which generate healthy blood. These key blood-building nutrients are; Iron, Folic Acid, and vitamin B12. Adequate protein is also essential. Good sources of iron are found widely among plant foods such as vegetables, legumes, grains nuts and seeds. When these foods are consumed in their unrefined states, abundant protein, copper and B vitamins necessary for iron absorption will be available.  In the first stages of the treatment of blood deficiency you may want to add to the diet the richest sources of iron: these are seaweeds and micro-algeas such as Spirulina.

Folic acid is found in abundance in micro-algae, sprouts, leafy greens and chlorophyll-rich foods. Eating raw or lightly steamed greens or sprouts regularly supplies ample folic acid in the diet.

Hair and Blood Quality

In eastern medicine, hair is said to be an extension of the blood; it is influenced by the health of the spleen, pancreas and kidneys. The head hair is directly affected by the kidneys. Hair loss and prematurely grey hair can be treated by improving blood quality and strengthening the spleen, pancreas and kidneys. Hijiki seaweed, blackstrap molasses (in moderation), nettles, and wheat grass are especially rich in the blood-building nutrient iron; nettles and wheat grass are concentrated in chlorophyll as well. These nutrients are thought to keep hair from greying and falling out. Hair loss is tied to high-fat, high-protein diets which damage kidneys and create Acidic Blood, as does sugars and sweets. Too much refined sugars can contribute to hair loss and greying.

In addition to including nutrient dense foods such as those listed above, and also including whole, unrefined grains; we must also keep our worries and anxiety in check. Excessive thinking and worrying will not only do us any good, worry will accelerates aging in general because it weakens blood, which carries nutrients necessary for cell regeneration.

Eating meals with simple combinations of foods supports deeper, less busy thinking. Start supporting your body by nourishing it with whole foods, grains, and seaweed algaes to keep your blood clean and healthy. Drop by our uptown location anytime to chat more about the benefits of incorporating blood cleansing nutrients into your supplement regimen today!

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