Maintaining a healthy liver.

Maintaining a healthy liver is key to our overall health and well being.  The liver detoxifies the margarita’s we had last night, the Tylenol we took for a headache, the smoke from cigarettes, the make-up we put on and if this is not enough the liver must process every nutrient as well. The liver is the primary way we detox toxins from our body. It continually cleanses our body by filtering the blood filled of toxins which is entered through our digestive tract, skin, and our respiratory system. This is why it is so important for us to address our liver health and continually cleanse, detox and build it to obtain

optimal health.Your liver has another important part. This is the proper breakdown fats and proteins from your food through the production of bile, another form of detoxification.  If not addressed, it becomes overworked throwing our entire system off balance and causing many health issues.The liver should be the center of our undivided attention and luckily there are natural and easy ways to obtain a strong functioning liver.

If you have :

  • high intake of alcohol
  • smoking
  • use of drugs/medications
  • environmental/occupational exposure to chemicals/toxins
  • history of liver disease
  • high intake of food additives, preservatives
  • processed foods
  • refined carbohydrates ( white bread)
  • bad fats
  • history of digestive system problems
  • allergies

You should take initiative to address your liver health and DETOX!

How do we maintain good liver health?

  1. ensure proper digestion and elimination
  2. avoid environmental stressors: alcohol, coffee, smoking, toxins
  3. increase water and fibre intake: fruits, vegetables, legumes, fish, nuts and seeds
  4. diet and nutrients


Here are some foods and nutrients that will help maintain liver health:

  • Grapefruit: rich in vitamin C and antioxidants which are powerful liver cleanses. Helps boost liver detoxification enzymes.
  • Green Tea: contains a plant antioxidant which eliminates fat accumulation in the liver  and help with proper liver function.
  • Sulphur containing foods like garlic, onions, legumes, eggs: activate liver enzymes which flush out toxins from body. Contains allicin and selenium which protect the liver from toxin damage and aid in detoxification process.
  • Avocados: boosts cleansing power and protects against toxic overload.
  • Walnuts:contains omega-3 fatty acids, l-glutathione and l-arginine help detox the liver. Help oxygenate the blood. Walnut hulls are actually used in liver cleansing formulas.
  • Greens: such as arugula, dandelion, spinach, mustard greens, gourd, chicory contain tons of cleansing compounds that neutralize heavy metals.
  • Turmeric: help protect against toxic damage. Can regenerate damaged liver cells. Naturally boosts production of bile.


Here are some Natural herbs that can be found in supplements that will help with maintaining a healthy liver:

  • Milk Thistle:contains antioxidant flavonoids, which protect liver cells from damage by preventing toxin absorption and enhancing regeneration. A popular liver tonic.
  • Dandelion Root: Strong detoxifying herb
  • Licorice: unique ability to defend liver health from harmful toxins
  • Artichoke: protective effect on liver cells, aid in liver regeneration and improve function. It also supports bile production, which is important for digestion and assimilating valuable nutrients
  • Fennel: strong detoxifying herb
  • Chlorella: Chlorella purifies the liver and the blood, serves as a prebiotic to nurture probiotic bacteria, and promotes bile production.
  • Cilantro: remove toxic mercury and other heavy metals from our blood. The combination of chlorella and cilantro creates a super detox recipe.
  • ZeoLite:contain suspended volcanic materials that adsorb (not absorb) heavy metals. Adsorption is a form of chelation, which means toxic particles are electronically bonded or grabbed, neutralized, and escorted out of your body.

My favourite, easy and convenient way to ensure liver health is to start my day with a glass of water with a fresh squeezed slice of lemon with cayenne first thing in the morning.


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