Get your body and skin summer ready.

I know it’s only January, but now really is the time to get your body and skin summer ready.  Most of us like to take care of ourselves because we love the payoffs of being and feeling healthy – and while we have our practical goals, deep down in our genetic makeup is a bit of the dream and a bit of an envy to be as dynamic, with powerful lightening fast responses, as George St Pierre, as flexible yet all-in control as Gabby Douglas, to be as alert as Dr. Peter Duesberg.

For most of us the high season of desire is summertime, when all the excuses and myths we feed ourselves to feel good drop with each piece of clothing, and we have to, well, be real about what’s real. Do we really need to let the ”July dreads” hit us in January? We made our resolutions – some of us will achieve them while others who drop off console themselves with the myth of how difficult it all is. We’ve got news for you: we’re smacking that myth down in your face like a spiked volleyball on Kits Beach. Not only is there enough time to revamp and literally de-age your body to get your body and skin ready for summer. You can uptick your goals and de-age your skin as well. This is serious stuff!

You have enough time to lose up to 100 lbs of fat – healthily – and gain up to 20-30 lbs of muscle by July! The body RESPONDS to human growth hormone. HGH, however, is antagonized by cortisol, the stress hormone – so if you want transformation you MUST address the causes of your stress. Under optimal circumstances, an average guy can lose up to 1 lb of fat a day – and to those concerned naysayers: healthfully with only positive side effects – and gain between 2-5 lbs of muscle mass monthly. An average woman can lose fat almost as quickly and doesn’t have to worry about adding muscle that quickly – her estrogen blocks muscle development. Add that up, and that’s potentially up to 100 lbs of fat loss and 20-30 lbs of muscle gain by July! If you don’t believe me, call me! It’s all in the hormones – managing your stress levels, changing your mindset and attitude, and simply letting go and moving forward.!custom_fitness|c14ss Your skin is one of the most powerful communicators about your health. Humans are hot-wired to consciously and subconsciously react to healthy skin. The skin can be triggered to regenerate naturally using radio frequency. As we age, our collagen production begins to decline, leading to the breakdown of the skin’s underlying support structure. Daily exposure to UV rays and other environmental elements can cause the skin to become discolored and premature wrinkles may emerge. Radio frequency is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure that promotes the growth of collagen already present under the skin while encouraging new collagen formation.This stimulates it’s re-collagenization. Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is like doing a face workout – it tones and lifts your face. There are a variety of other things that you can do for your skin. There’s more information here:!face_/cs42

Contact me at if you’d like to discuss your fitness or body transformation further! Bryan and I will get you to your goals!

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