Tips for Healthy Younger Looking Skin

Top 10 Beauty Tips For Healthy Younger Looking Skin

Ok, who wants healthier younger looking skin? I for sure know I do! Well you’ve come to the right place. Here I am going to share my top 10 skin-boosting tips for healthy younger looking skin with you.               

Water – most of us are not drinking enough of clean  pure filtered water throughout the day. Water is what flushes the toxins out of our bodies, and hydrates us too. It is essential for skin in that it keeps the skin and internal organs ‘clean and flushed’ from toxins and because of this you will see dull, dry skin looking bright and glowing.

Fresh Organic Fruits and Veggies – your mom was right; “eat your veggies!” Fresh fruit and vegetables should make up 50-60% of our daily intake in our diets (more veggies than fruits) because they provide fiber and alkaline the body as well. Any amount of vegetables in the diet will assist in cleansing and detoxification which in turn, will boost anti-aging in skin.

Avoid Sugar and Bad Fats – sugar ages us and our skin – over time this will show. Poor quality fats will do the same – age our cells, skin and eventually our liver will be overloaded. Stick to the good quality fats like EXTRA-VIRGIN COCONUT OIL or UNREFINED COLD-PRESSED OLIVE OIL (Organic). Good fats in small amounts are beneficial for skin.

Greens and Algae’s – I can’t tell you how much I Love greens, grasses and algae’s!! Very beneficial because it helps alkaline our blood- which is circulates all through our cells- when our blood is clean and full of oxygen, it will show in our skin.

Clean Air – clean fresh air is SO important for fresh healthy skin! The more fresh air you are breathing in, the healthier your skin looks, so if you smoke – quitting is the only way you will see those lines smoothing out.  Fresh oxygen is definitely beneficial when it comes to a healthy glow.

Omega Oil – 3-6-9’s are an excellent skin-booster. I notice my skin is more refined and has a nice glow when I am taking Omega oils. Both fish oil and flax are beneficial in this regard. I take both on a regular basis.

Manage Stress – that’s a big one! Most of are indeed stressed. But did you know stress is very acidic in the body and that can contribute to aging skin? Taking these may help; Zen Theanine or Ashwagandha.

Use Non-chemical Products On Skin- all of us use skin products everyday; but what we are using could be contributing to our skin aging. Yes, that’s right! To fully have beautiful skin I believe we need to lessen or avoid all-together chemically-laced products. These products contain harsh chemicals and contribute to aging skin over time.  A much better choice would be natural light oils like apricot and Grapeseed oils mixed with a natural lotion.

Exercise – let’s face it, exercise increases blood-flow, and oxygen to our cells, plus we sweat out even more toxins which will give our skin a healthy glow. Sitting around won’t help you look any younger- it will just make your skin look dull. Why? Because a lethargic person will have less blood flowing and less movement in the system over-all which ultimately affects the look and feel of skin on outside. If things aren’t moving on the outside, well they sure are not moving on the inside either. Bust- a-move everyone!!!

Sleep – last but not least – get a good night’s rest; at least 8 hours of Quality sleep is important for repair of the body and to rejuvenate the skin.  

The most important one of all of these is the vitamin L – for Love! We should all be getting a good dose of this important one every single day!! Always remember to express gratitude as this is another important part of our time here. It makes us feel happy and content, when we feel like this, it shows (in our skin too).

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