Amazing Apple Cider Vinegar

Amazing apple cider vinegar has many healing properties. It has been around since 5000 BC used by the Babylonians as a tonic. It is ranked as one of the top natural healing remedies for the body. Apple Cider vinegar contains noble apple which has many vitamins,, minerals,antioxidants with not fat or sodium. It is made by turning the apples into hard cider then fermenting twice to turn it into vinegar without destroying or altering all the nutrient goodness.

Look for raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized and organic to get the full benefits. Apple Cider vinegar has many healing properties as it is used as a homeostasis in our body. Meaning, it created balance. Here is a quick list of just some amazing things Apple Cider Vinegar does:

1. reduces inflammation
2. helps prevent flu and stomach illness
3. reduces or relieves arthritis
4. eliminates dandruff
5. lowers blood pressure
6. reduces migraines
7. dissolves kidney stones
8. helps regulate PH balance
9. lowers cholesterol
10. lowers blood pressure
11. helps reduce/prevent acne
12. helps relieve nausea
13. helps relieve gout
14. helps relieve asthma
15. helps break down fat
16. helps relieve heart burn or chronic acid reflux
17. helps lower glucose levels in diabetics
18. gets rid of toenail/fingernail fungus
19. kills cancer cells/slows growth
20. helps relive sinus pressure and infection

Apple cider vinegar is a great beauty remedy. It is used as an aftershave, teeth whitener, facial toner, age-spot lightener, hair-rinse (for body and shine); soothes sunburns; and, relieves swelling in hands and feet. It is also safe to use to clean and disinfect most of your home’s surfaces (just like baking soda) and reduces fleas. Apply to pet’s skin for fleas. Add to water to kill internal parasites, or aid with ailments. Organic farmers even use it to treat parasite infestations in livestock.

Apple cider Vinegar is amazing for weight loss!!!!

Use it to cut down snacking by taking between meals. Also, when taken before meals it shutterstock_102978866helps prevent overeating. By promoting stable blood sugar, Apple Cider vinegar may help prevent the sugar crashes that encourage you to wolf down the nearest source of carbohydrates, shooting your blood sugar back up and starting the cycle all over again.
Apple Cider Vinegar is great to enjoy as a salad dressing or if the taste is not to your liking it is available in capsule form.

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