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As one of Canada's leading nutritional supplement companies, Absorb Science Inc.'s primary focus is on formulation. Our products are synergistic combinations of supplements that target specific pathologies, maximizing the effectiveness of each individual herb.+ Read more >

All of our products are made up of standard herbs which are inspected and tested for stability, potency and purity to ensure they meet with our own and associated Health Canada standards.

  • Absorb Science Bio-Fit Weight Loss Supplement

    Absorb Science Bio-Fit Weight Loss Supplement

      Bio-Fit™ (formerly known as Bio-Liposuction) is a weight-loss product with a combination of 10 powerful herbal extracts and phyto-nutrients that aid to: Speed up metabolism Remove toxins from the body Improve digestion Reduce appetite Reduce cellulite Bio-Fit™ unique formula helps to increase metabolism and removes toxins from the body that might otherwise get stored in excess fat cells. The elimination of these toxins help the body to jump-start your weight loss success. The true key to health, staying and looking young, is cleansing these toxins. Additionally, a properly functioning digestive system has the ability to absorb the nutrients needed to build new cells and to cleanse the body of toxic waste build-up. Furthermore cellulite, a combination of fat, waste material, and water trapped between strands of fibrous tissue, just beneath the surface of the skin, can be reduced. Bio-Fit™ is made from vegetable capsule and is an animal-free product.


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  • Absorb Science Bio-Regrow Hair Health Supplements

    Absorb Science Bio-Regrow Hair Health Supplements

    Stop hair loss and regrow your hair.  Bio-regrow ia an androgenic alopecia herbal remedy that stimulates hair follicles in 100% vegetable capsules.


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